FICTECH is a detailing brand with a range of over 150 products and has been in operation for 15 years. Our maxim is ‘detailing à la française’.

Our wide range of products has been specially developed to respond to every requirement for vehicle maintenance, restoration and protection.

And because detailing is not just for cars – all vehicles deserve special care – we’ve created five distinct ranges: car, motorcycle, bicycle, aviation and nautical.

The FICTECH brand is known in the detailing sector for its high-quality products and innovative solutions.

These are our seven guiding principles:

1/ Product range:

With 150 items the FicTech range has a vast selection of detailing products to choose from, including shampoos, waxes, ceramic protectors, interior cleaners, degreasers and lots more. This diverse range offers solutions for the specific requirements of every vehicle and every user.

2/ Professional quality:

FicTech products are formulated to deliver professional performance with an impeccable finish and lasting protection. They are widely used by professional detailers, which is testament to their effectiveness and reliability.

3/ Innovation and technology

FicTech invests constantly in research & development to create innovative products; the CAR LIFT XPERT ceramic coatings, for example, are designed to offer exceptional resistance to scratches, chemical products and weather.

4/ Ease of use:

FicTech products are designed to be easy to use, even for non-professional detailers. With effective formulations and clear instructions you can achieve professional results even if you don’t have advanced technical skills.

5/ Environment-friendly:

FicTech is committed to producing environment-friendly products. Many of our products are biodegradable and contain no harmful substances, which means less impact on the environment and greater safety for users.

6/ Customer service and technical support:

FicTech offers excellent customer service and technical support to help users get the best out of their products. Services include guidance on application, product recommendations and trouble-shooting.

7/ Reputation and recognition:

The FicTech brand is recognised and highly-regarded in 27 countries. Our reputation for quality and reliability is supported by positive feedback from professionals and car enthusiasts.

These key strengths make FICTECH the brand of choice for anyone looking to improve the appearance and protection of their vehicle.