Edition 14/15/16 December 2018

A car / motorcycle show 100% passion, 100% pleasure!

Traditionally, the International Motor Show in Luxembourg is a good closing point for the motor year and motor sports season. Cars and motorcycles of sport, of exception, of competition or collection are gathered for the great pleasure of the numerous visitors and give to appreciate their beautiful mechanics and to admire the charm of their advantageous lines …

GT sports models or prestige, the high end share the space with the most impressive cars straight out of the most iconic preparers.
Racing cars and motorcycles, from categories as fabulous as the WRC, Formula 1, MotoGP or Endurance … are of course the headliners of this extraordinary show. An almost unique opportunity to admire, without taboos, what is best in motorsports and usually seen on his small screen or in the distance, in the back of a box ultra secure!

In addition, each year, theme exhibitions are held on the occasion of a birthday or important event. The most emblematic brands or disciplines are thus regularly honored at the International Motor Show in Luxembourg. A great opportunity to take part in fascinating and fun little history lessons … especially since many vintage cars, whether they are on the road or racing, also offer the opportunity to open the big book to Souvenirs …

Since the leitmotif of the Motor Show is eclecticism, a large space is devoted to transformed cars. The most impressive achievements come together at the Top Tuning Show for an event that counts among the top international!

In addition to these static presentations, an important place is dedicated to the spectacular … animations and of course, entirely turned towards motor sports on two and four wheels … Feel free to browse the photo gallery for in (its) see more about these Kings of the endless drift and the lead godasse or on the Kings of the handle in the corner and trapper braking.

The International Motor Show in Luxembourg is a must for all lovers, enthusiasts or connoisseurs of beautiful cars and motorcycles … It’s up to you to enjoy!