Restorer and protection for interior plastics
Hydrophobic protection
ANTI-UV protection
Anti-soiling effect
Satin finish

  • INSIDE is a renovator, it thus brings to surfaces, plastics, vinyls, Plexiglas, etc … a hydrophobic, anti-fouling character reducing the risks of encrustation of dust or stains caused by aqueous fluids, projections, rain, ….
  • Satin effect
  • INSIDE is the product par excellence for this task in the sense that its unique formula will relax treated surfaces (hard plastics, foams, vinyls) while providing very important UV protection.
  • Easy to apply with a microfiber applicator or directly to the microfiber after spraying, INSIDE will not leave any greasy appearance to the touch or visually.

1L / 5L / 20L