Shampoo specific to mat vehicles that does not alter the rendering.
Finishing shampoo
PH neutral
Wax Safe
Matt vehicles, wrap, covering, PPF ….

  • Matte vehicles are often complicated to maintain if you want to keep this typical matte finish.
  • Matte paints, vinyls (covering) should not be maintained with waxing shampoos at the risk of satin-finishing the matt finish of the base.
  • So we created Matt Bubble, specifically for matte or wrapped vehicles. Gentle shampoo, with neutral pH, which will retain the original appearance of your paint or film.
  • Its studied formula will remove various dirt on the surface (insects, mud, road film) without weakening your mat paint.
  • Possibility to use Matt Bubble in a foam gun for your maintenance prewashes.
  • The smell of Matt Bubble is very pleasant, to give you even more pleasure in your cleaning.

750 ml