Elimination of road film
Does not alter sensitive materials

  • OUTSIDE is a product of which we are very proud at Fictech. Indeed, although its non-aggressive formulation, its cleaning power is very important.
  • OUTSIDE will allow you to take off the road film, the various dirt on the surface of your varnish without risking to remove your body protection being “Wax-safe”.
  • OUTSIDE will thus avoid oxidizing sensitive materials such as raw aluminum, anodized parts, chrome etc. Indeed, we often find very alkaline products, which tend to mark these fragile supports. This will not be the case with OUTSIDE!
  • Extremely efficient, you can use it everywhere without risk (rims, wheel arches, tire sidewalls, bodywork, raw plastics, grille etc.).
  • OUTSIDE will also be very effective in peeling off or softening the veil of midges.

1L / 5L / 20L / 220L