P2 WASH. Quick detailer Wash without water Contains carnauba wax Protects and leaves a shiny finish SPRINT PLANE is a product of rare versatility, this product will allow you to treat almost all the supports of your plane. Removes dirt, removes dust, dull veil deposited on painted surfaces, chrome, windows, calenders without striped. Gives back [...]


P2 WASH. Waxing shampoo Contains carnauba wax Wax Safe PH neutral Protects and leaves a shiny finish BUBBLE PLANE is a shampoo compatible with all external supports of an airplane. By its formulation, neutral does not attack usual metal surfaces, protects painted surfaces thanks to Carnauba wax, chrome, aluminum .... Hydrophobic, self-drying dispersing characteristics, accelerates [...]


P2 WASH. Shampoo specific to mat vehicles that does not alter the rendering. Finishing shampoo PH neutral Wax Safe Matt vehicles, wrap, covering, PPF .... Matte vehicles are often complicated to maintain if you want to keep this typical matte finish. Matte paints, vinyls (covering) should not be maintained with waxing shampoos at the risk [...]


P2 WASH. SPINKLE is a foaming agent for the entire range of FicTech shampoos. Allows you to accentuate the volume of foam shampoos for use with foam gun, Sprayer foam ... .. Super economical concentrated formula. Warning Spinkle does not contain cleaning agents. 1L / 5L / 20L


P2 WASH. BUTTER BUBBLE is the first shampoo specially designed to decontaminate a paint using a DECONTAMINATION GLOVE. Its 2 in 1 formula helps to decontaminate and wash the vehicle. Contains wetting agents and lubricants, it can be used on the most delicate varnishes. 750 ml / 5L / 20L


P2 WASH. MAGIC WIPES is a wipe impregnated with a highly concentrated formulation for degreasing and industrial cleaning.MAGIC WIPES removes fats, stains, oils, inks, ballpoint pen, felt, pencil, any fouling due to pollution, nicotine, tire marks and any stubborn stains.


P2 WASH. Ceramic SIO2 Bodywork Shampoo. Glossy Finish. Ceramic Booster CERAMIC BUBBLE is a shampoo containing SIO2 which leaves a strong hydrophobic layer, repels water, dirt and prolongs the need for a next wash. Gives booster effect to the CAR LIFT treatments already applied. It can also be used on natural waxes. 50ml - 750ml - [...]


P2 WASH. Cleaner,Degreaser, Polishing. Brilliant finish. Its formulation contained on a single wipe allows to clean, to restore the brilliance of the new one on the body, the rims, the paints, the internal plastics, exteriors, the fairings, bubbles of cowling, windows, windscreens, , Chrome, leather upholstery. Kit of 80 wipes + Microfibre


P2 WASH. Washing Whitout Water. WAX CARNAUBA. Gets rid of dirt, removes dust and the dull patina which forms on bodywork, painted surfaces, chromework, windows and radiator grilles – without scratching. Restores lustre and refreshes painted surfaces and plastics as well as carbon and composite materials. 750 ml / 5L


P2 LAVAGE. SHAMPOING Moto. PH NEUTRE. Finition Brillante. Nettoie et dégraisse en profondeur l'ensemble de votre moto. Emulsionne les graisses, pénètre les salissures huileuses, les dépôts de poussières provenant de l’environnement. Laisse les surfaces brillantes après rinçage, grâce à son pouvoir drainant et autoséchant. 750 ml