P7 FINISHING & MAINTENANCE. Restorer and protection for interior plastics Hydrophobic protection ANTI-UV protection Anti-soiling effect Satin finish INSIDE is a renovator, it thus brings to surfaces, plastics, vinyls, Plexiglas, etc ... a hydrophobic, anti-fouling character reducing the risks of encrustation of dust or stains caused by aqueous fluids, projections, rain, …. Satin effect INSIDE [...]


P7 FINITION & MAINTENANCE. PROTECTION cuir. Nettoie, assouplit et nourrit simultanément. Apporte un effet hydrophobe protecteur et retardateur contre l'incrustation des taches, gouttes d'eau, salissures diverses. Idéal pour les sièges en cuir, panneaux de porte, tableaux de bord vestes en cuir…. Empêche la fissuration, la décoloration. Protection 12 à 24 mois. 100 ml


P7 FINISHING & MAINTENANCE. FOG removes fogging Compatible with all windows Specific to poorly ventilated vehicles Everyone has already encountered this phenomenon of excessive fogging of the windshield in the morning, especially when the temperatures are cool. Often caused by the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car, or due to insufficient [...]


P7 FINISHING & MAINTENANCE. Deicer Windscreens, Locks  Defrosts in minutes windshields, windows, locks ... Safe for paints and rubbers. Prevents the resumption of gel. 400 ml


P7 FINISHING & MAINTENANCE. Multi-purpose foam Multi-support foam Penetrates, emulsifies, takes off Thoroughly cleans all washable surfaces: smooth or porous surfaces, laminates, glass, tarpaulins, plastic coatings, metal surfaces, aluminum, anodized aluminum, chrome, painted surfaces, trim, doors, seats, carpets, etc ... KUSTOM is effective on stains from sludge, tar, insects, brake dust, grease, road film…. 400 [...]


P7 FINISHING & MAINTENANCE. Special motorcycle chain cleaner Compatible with all chains Very powerful degreaser Rapid evaporation Chain Cleaner perfectly cleans all types of chains for motorcycles (road and all terrain) and other vehicles (bicycle, moped, go-kart, quad ...) Eliminates all encrusted deposits: dust, sand, earth, oil ... Its chlorine-free formulation with extreme degreasing power [...]


P7 FINISHING & MAINTENANCE. Multi-function dressing Cleans & Protects Plastic, Rubber, Vinyl, Leather, Satin finish Silicone free   SILK is a hydrophobic water-based dressing that does not contain Solvent and Silicone. SILK cleans plastic surfaces, vinyls, rubbers, and leaves a UV protection, Hydrophobic and anti-fouling. SILK is also an excellent product for leather. It prevents [...]


P7 FINISHING & MAINTENANCE. ABS Bumper Special Dressing Outdoor Plastics Rubbers Pneumatic Cleans, shines in seconds and durably plastics rubbers, tires, bumpers, spoilers, plastic spoilers mirrors, sills or side bumpers plastic. Makes the cleaned surfaces hydrophobic, prevents the dripping of water, delays the clogging of dirt on the external plastic seals of vehicles. At the [...]


P7 FINISHING & MAINTENANCE. CONCENTRATED FORMULA ANTI-STATIC SPRAY EFFECT GLASS can be used on all glass surfaces of the car, both indoors, outdoors and polycarbonate windows. It removes very simply all traces of water, insect residues, tar, road film, traces of nicotine, greasy traces deposited on windows and mirrors. It is formulated to leave no [...]


P7 FINISHING & MAINTENANCE. Alcantara has been specifically developed for the cleaning of Alcantara. Cleaning these surfaces requires special attention. Do not use aggressive detergents that will permanently damage the material. Alcantara cleans, degreases and protects.750ml 750 ml / 5L