At FicTech we know how important it is to keep your bicycle clean and well-maintained to ensure optimum performance and prolong the life of your machine. That’s why we’ve developed a special range of cleaners and degreasers to respond to the needs of cycling enthusiasts.



Bicycle cleaner & degreaser

BIKE CLEANER Designed specially for bicycle enthusiasts, this cleaner is environment-friendly and will keep your bike in top condition.

BIKE CLEANER is a multi-purpose cleaner specially formulated to eliminate dirt, grease and grime from all parts of your bike. Its unique biodegradable formula is safe to use on delicate parts and surfaces such as brakes, chains and carbon fibre frames.

Effective: Quickly eliminates dirt, oil and residue.

Safe: Non-corrosive and compatible with all bike surfaces.

Environment-friendly: Biodegradable, phosphate-free and solvent-free.

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Special chain cleaner and degreaser

BIKE CHAIN is a cleaner and degreaser created specially for bike chains. This innovative product ensures your chain, derailleur and cassette are in optimum condition, ensuring maximum performance and extending the life of components.

Powerful formula: Quickly dissolves grease, oil and stubborn dirt. Suitable for all types of transmission, including electronic.

Improved performance: Reduces friction and wear on parts. Improves accuracy and reactivity in gear changes.

Preventive maintenance: Regular use prolongs the life of the transmission. Prevents the build-up of dirt and corrosion.

Convenience and safety: Reduces the risk of derailment and other mechanical problems. Keeps the transmission clean and efficient so you can cycle with confidence.

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Waterless wash - matt finish bikes

Waterless wash product designed specially for bikes with a matt finish (no shine effect). Matt finishes cannot be treated in the same way as gloss finishes. BIKE MATT is actually the best solution for matt-finish cars to avoid impairing the surface.

The product is designed to remove dust and gently wash all matt coatings on a bicycle without using water. It contains lubricating agents to facilitate a cleaning process with no risk of leaving micro-scratches on the surface and above all no glossing effect. BIKE MATT also deposits a fine film of UV protection on treated surfaces to facilitate future cleaning.

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Waterless wash with wax - gloss-finish bikes.

Perfect for waterless dust removal and even cleaning slightly-soiled bikes. BIKE SHINE imparts a high-gloss shine with its carnauba wax formula.

Surfaces treated with BIKE SHINE are left with a pleasant, silky feel. The carnauba wax gives them a water-repellent finish that makes future washing easier.

BIKE SHINE is safe to use on wheel rims, frame, plastic, chrome, etc.

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