We are proud to introduce our complete range of cleaners and degreasers specially created to maintain and preserve boats. Whether you’re an amateur or professional sailor, our products will respond to all your cleaning and maintenance requirements.



Gentle multi-surface shampoo

LAGOON is a multi-purpose, multi-surface shampoo for boats. pH neutral and more than 90% biodegradable, it can be diluted with sea water and contains bacteriostatic agents. Reduces the corrosive effects of seawater.

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Decontaminating cleaner for saline deposits

SALT is a decontaminating cleaner for use on the deck, hull and pontoons of boats, and also on surfboards, sailboards, jet skis, on-board and outboard motors, sails, ropes, hardware, waterproof clothing and wetsuits.

Can be diluted with seawater.

Reduces the corrosive effects of seawater.


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Yellow discolouration remover for boats

Rapidly restores and revives gelcoat, light alloys, polyester and steel.  

Removes yellow film and traces of corrosion. Removes algae, shellfish and all pollution residue.

Removes all rust streaks.

Recommended for steel to inhibit the formation of corrosion.

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Engine cleaner, anti-corrosion protection

Anti-corrosion protection.

Degreases and effortlessly eliminates all engine deposits: grease, fuel, petrol and fuel oil residues, algae and other organic substances.

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Quick detailer, waterless wash

Eliminates dust and dirt and removes the dull film that can collect on hulls, painted surfaces, chrome and glass, without scratching. Restores shine and revives all types of surface – paintwork, plastic, carbon fibre and composite.

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Special gel coat shampoo

For cleaning boat hulls and decks and corrodible metal alloys. Emulsifies grease and penetrates oily grime and airborne dust deposits. Its powerful draining and self-drying properties leave surfaces sparkling after rinsing. Reduces the build-up of deposits, makes further cleaning easier.

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Multi-purpose cleaner and stain remover

This unique product is designed to refresh the colours of your tyres.

The super-strength formula removes dirt, grime, scratches and rust stains from all PVC surfaces.

Efficiently removes dirt from all interior surfaces (plastics, varnished wood, leatherette, laminate, paint, etc.).

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KUSTOM - 103

Multi-surface cleaner and degreaser, aerosol.

KUSTOM – 103 is a foaming cleaner and degreaser formulated for motorcycles. Designed to be a powerful, effective custom solution, this foam is your best ally for maintaining your bike and keeping it in pristine condition.

Deep cleaning: the foam penetrates even the toughest dirt, including oil, grease and mud for effortless deep cleaning.

Gentle formula: A gentle but powerful cleaner for all motorbike surfaces, including fairing, wheels and mechanical parts.

Easy to use: simply spray the foam on, leave it to penetrate for a few minutes, then rinse off. No heavy rubbing required!

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Aerosol restorative for aluminium, chrome, steel and copper.

CHROMIX – 415 is specially formulated for aluminium, chrome, steel and copper. This top-of-the-range product is designed to restore and protect all metal parts of your bike and leave them gleaming, including exhaust pipe, wheel rims, accessories and decorative elements.

Versatile: Suitable for aluminium, chrome, steel and copper.

Restorative: Removes oxidation, stains and micro-scratches and leaves metal surfaces looking new.

Protective: Leaves a long-lasting film that protects against corrosion, rust and external elements.

Brilliance: Imparts a dazzling, high-shine finish to enhance the appearance of your bike.

Easy to use: Quick and simple application with a microfibre cloth or applicator.

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SWIFT - 704

Mousse Nettoyante multi-supports 5 en 1.

SWIFT est le nettoyant universel par excellence.

Sa mousse généreuse pourra être utilisable sur quasiment tous supports (tissus, moquettes, sièges, ciel de toit, aluminium et chromes, vitres, plexiglas etc.) L’action de SWIFT n’est pas seulement nettoyante mais également purifiante et désodorisante dans le sens ou après son utilisation (notamment pour les intérieurs) il laissera une odeur fraîche en éliminant également les mauvaises odeurs présentes.

L’avantage de SWIFT est son format aérosol très facile à utiliser et moins fatiguant qu’un spray classique. Vous vaporisez, vous laissez agir, agitez si besoin, essuyez, c’est terminé!

Compatible toutes surface lisses, poreuses, stratifiées ou non.

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SHINY - 716

Dressing for exterior plastics & tyres.

SHINY is a highly effective, rapid solution for faded and sun-bleached plastic and is also effective in maintaining and enhancing tyres.

Easy to apply and compatible with many types of untreated plastic surfaces,

SHINY has a long-lasting water-repellent effect that withstands washing.

Can be sprayed directly onto surfaces or applied with a microfibre cloth to leave them looking like new.

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VISION - 725

Foaming glass cleaner, aerosol.

This foaming cleaner is an indispensable ally for any biker who appreciates clear vision.

Powerful formula: Quickly eliminates dirt, insects, dust and pollution residue.

Rapid action: Acts instantly to dissolve stubborn residue, reducing cleaning time.

Protective coating: Leaves a protective film that repels dirt and makes cleaning easier.

Anti-fog and anti-glare: Improves vision by reducing glare and fogging.

Foam application: The foam adheres to vertical surfaces leaving no run-off streaks.

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