SPLASH is a textile waterproofing agent which will provide a long-lasting hydrophobic protection on Alcantara, fabric and leather parts. You can use it to treat convertible tops which are often subject to contaminants (pollutants, dust, bird cracks, sap etc). 

You can also also use it on car seats, which will prevent liquids such as coffee or sodas from penetrating the fibers and staining the seat.

SPLASH will make your future cleaning easier.

The use of SPLASH is simple. 

You need to shake the product first. Remember to clean beforehand the parts you want to treat. (For that, you can use TURBO, APC, ALCANTARA, COCKPIT for example and let it dry). 

Then you spray the surfaces generously. You should see fine drops of SPLASH on the surface. Let it penetrate until saturation.

We advice you not to put the elements in contact with water for the next 24 hours.

Here is our BEFORE/AFTER test on a microfiber :