The FICTECH® Training Program “CAR LIFT® 9H Certified Detailer” will give you access to our range of products and our know-how. CAR LIFT 9H is the best paint protection you can get, enhances gloss and prolongs the life of the paint.


• Have an experience of more than 1 year in the business of Detailing. Master and apply Ceramic coatings.

• A well equipped, clean and equipped with a heating system.

• Possess a website or a Facebook account, Twitter, Instagram …

Being “CAR LIFT® 9H CERTIFIED DETAILER” gives you the opportunity to work with our Ceramic CAR LIFT 9H and enjoy technical support. Therefore, we are looking for Detailers in which we can entrust our excellent products, but also the reputation of our brand. We need to check your social media engagement and the brand awareness promoted there.

Training :

– Vehicle preparation before 9H treatment

– Application of CAR LIFT 9H on a new vehicle

– Application of CAR LIFT 9H on a used car

– Know the equipment and products used during CAR LIFT 9H treatment

– Know how to respect the different stages of a CAR LIFT 9H treatment

– During the training, you will also address the commercial and marketing aspect

– Answer to various questions

You are Pro and you also want to be trained in the application of CAR LIFT 9H ceramics, so please contact

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